Using YouTube In Your Music Lessons

When I was married about 5 years ago, my husband converted me to the smart phone. Up until then, I had been content with a simple flip phone, and I thought a smart phone wasn’t necessary. Now, I use my smart phone several times a week in my piano lessons….

When Students Are “Too Busy” To Practice

When I was growing up, piano lessons were my only extracurricular activity. Usually, the kids who got older and developed an interest in other things ended up quitting music lessons and moving on, leaving only the students that were invested in music. I did play the Flute in Band for…

Music Teacher’s Helper Review

This post contains Affiliate Links. For more information, see our Affiliate Disclosure. In April of this year, I joined Music Teacher’s Helper, and I’m so glad I did. For those of you who have never heard of it, Music Teacher’s Helper is one of several websites out there to help…

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