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Music Quiz Game: Easy Level

Music Quiz Game, Interactive Music Theory

This quiz game is meant for use in group lessons/theory classes for your music studio.

Simply open the presentation and start the slide show. When you click on a category, the presentation will advance to the appropriate slide.

After the student has given their answer, simply click to see if they are correct.

After that, click on the “Home” icon to go back to the game board, and question just answered will disappear.

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“Are You Smarter Than Your Piano Teacher” Game

Are You Smarter Than Your Piano Teacher? Interactive Piano Theory Game

Are You Smarter Than Your Piano Teacher? Interactive Music Theory Game Categories Picture

This game can also be used for one player or multiple players.

It takes less time to play than the quiz game above, since there are only nine questions, but they vary in difficulty.

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Catch the Half Note


Catch the Half Note Game, Interactive Music Theory

Catch the Half Note Game Interactive Music Theory, Game Image

This game is a little more of a fun one for very beginner students who are just learning the difference between quarter, half, and whole notes.

It is set up like a shooting gallery, only the objective is to click on the half notes as they move around the screen, without hitting quarter notes or whole notes. There is a timer, and at the end it will tell you your score.

Unfortunately, this PowerPoint contains macros, so it’s not available to play in your browser like some of the other games.

You have to download the PowerPoint File and click enable to accept macros. 

(If you’re interested in creating a similar game on your own computer, I created mine by following the tutorial for a PowerPoint shooting gallery game found in this YouTube video.

Then I changed the colored circles to clip art images of different notes that I found on

Download Here: Catch the Half Note Game