Why You Need a Website

Why You Neet a Website, Modern Music Teaching, ComputerHello again–It feels like too long since my last blog post! Like many of you, I started my new teaching schedule at the beginning of September. I’ve also been working on a late intermediate piano solo collection for Composers Community/Piano Pronto (It’s nearly finished). Before I knew it, September was over, and I hadn’t written anything!

While I’ve been on my blogging break, I’ve noticed a lot of people in the Facebook Piano Teacher Groups asking how to find students.

Many teachers swear that word of mouth is King, or that you should introduce yourself to the local school music teacher.

Those are great ideas, and may work for you, but for me, online advertising has worked miracles. 

I spent several years after finishing my degree trying to build up my studio, but it seemed like every time I gained a student, another one would move, try a different instrument, or quit for sports.

Now, I have a full studio and a waiting list that could replace half of my students. . . and ALL of them found me online (or through word of mouth from another student who found me online).

I’m not saying you should stop all your other marketing efforts and only advertise on the internet, but I do think EVERY music teacher should at least have a website. Why? Our target audience is changing.

The parents I’m looking for have young children and are generally somewhere in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. So, I’m looking for other parents around my own age. And when we’re looking for teachers for our kids, we use Google.

Your website doesn’t have to be fancy; a few pictures, a short blurb about yourself, a way to contact you, and possibly a page that lists your studio policy and prices are all you need. Your website is like the online version of the sign in your front yard. It says, “Hey, I’m here, and I teach piano lessons!”

You might create it today and then forget all about it until suddenly someone contacts you because of your website, but at least it will be there!

*tip: Make sure your main page includes the words “piano lessons in_________”. (Insert the name of the city you teach in.)

There are a lot of user friendly website builders out there now, but I’m partial to Weebly. I have several different websites that I’ve built with them, including this one.

Weebly’s interface is pretty intuitive, but if you find you’re stuck and not sure what to do, they have a great guide for beginners

Go ahead and try it.  Really, what do you have to lose?