Update on Modern Music Teaching Blog

Hello, everyone!

You will have noticed that there haven’t been any new blog posts for quite a while now.

After moving everything over to WordPress last year, I had several new opportunities come up in my life that led to my decision to abandon posting new content on the blog. However, I plan to keep all the current content up, & fix glitches as they come along.

I just went through my messages from the last few months & fixed a few of the broken links you told me about. I will check in every now and then to fix things that need fixing.


One of the things I’ve been focusing on is my composing. I have pieces on Piano Pronto Composers Community, and Sheet Music Plus. This blog is actually what really pushed those opportunities forward, so I want to thank everyone who has been using the materials here!

If you’re interested in my composition work, you can follow me at AmandaWSmith.com.