Free Resources for Music Teachers: Sheet Music, Music Theory, & Award Certificates You May Have Missed

Free Sheet Music, Music Theory, & Award Certificates: Posts You May Have Missed from ModernMusicTeaching.comIf you’re new to the Modern Music Teaching Blog, you may not know about all of the older resources that are available for free on the site, or how to find them. 

Today,  I want to share with you the most viewed pages on my site, as well as a few of my favorites you may not be aware of. These pages can all be found under the Free Tab in the Menu at the top of the page.

Free Sheet Music Links

This page is by far the most viewed AND most pinned on the entire site. As of today, it contains 94 links to other  websites where I’ve found free, legal sheet music (either public domain, or offered by the composer themselves). The links go directly to each page where the download links are, so you don’t have to stumble around each website trying to find the free music.

Free Sheet Music

At first glance, you may think I accidentally posted the same content twice, but the Free Sheet Music Page is different from the links page. It is where I have posted a few of my own compositions & arrangements for free. (My personal favorite of all my free songs is Titan.)

Interactive Theory Games

This is one page you may not have discovered yet. It contains two quiz show style theory games that you can use in a group lesson or Summer Camp!

Play the games right from your internet browser. There is also a link to play them from your iPad or other mobile device.

Printable Certificates

This page is a major time saver during Recital Season! I’ve created several templates for music award certificates. When you click on one, it opens up a pdf in another tab that can be edited right from the browser.  (If it doesn’t let you edit the document, try switching to another browser or pdf viewer. It works best for me in Chrome).

Google Custom Search

This week, I added a Google Search box to the top right corner of the blog, above the social media links (Desktop Computers only). You can use it to search for anything on the site,

Is there anything you would like to see more of on the site? Let me know in the comments below.





 Check out my music in the Composer’s Community at Piano Pronto.

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