Free Music Candy Bar Template: Last Minute Recital Gifts

Are you getting ready for your Studio Recital? Mine is only a week away, and my current project is the thank you gift I always give to my students.

My recital venue doesn’t allow refreshments, so I like to give my students a little treat as they leave. I usually give them a small (1.55 oz) Hershey’s bar that I personalize with a music wrapper, like this:

I get my images from free from Pixabay. (I love this website because almost all of the images are free, even for commercial use!)

After I’ve chosen my images, I size them to fit my chocolate bars. Then I print/cut out the images and tape them around the chocolate bar (which I have covered in aluminum foil so the plastic wrapper doesn’t show).

If you would like to use the two patterns above, you can download the pdf file HERE  It’s already sized and ready to go–just print and cut the images!