Are You Ready for Fall Music Lessons? + Free Music Symbol Recognition Worksheet

Free Music Theory Worksheet: Musical Symbol Recognition (Search and Find the Music Symbol)

The middle of August is a busy time for music teachers! You may be finalizing your Fall lesson schedule, planning studio incentives, buying sheet music, or putting together new student information packets.

You may have even started your new schedule already, or you might be enjoying the last bit of Summer Vacation before your own kids go back to school.

I’m just finishing up my last Summer lessons, and I recently noticed a small problem among my students with music symbol recognition. They recognize the symbols and know what they mean, but if I tell them to “Find the fermata on this page,” they’ll be completely lost.

Knowing the names are important if they want to understand all of my instructions. I often stop my explanations to make sure my students understand what I am talking about, but I think sometimes they tell me yes whether it’s really true or not.

Music Symbol Search and Find Worksheet

I created this Search and Find Worksheet to help students recognize the names for the music symbols.

They can use it as is, or you can have students tell you what a symbol does after they find it on the page.
You can even take it further by having them search their music for the same symbols.

Download the Music Symbol Search Worksheet.






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